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Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions are necessary for any company that implies its rules and regulations towards the usage its products or services. We expect our client to go through all the terms & conditions before finalizing the things with assignment writing help UAE 

Copyright Statement 

  • The overall content of this website is copyright, no one is allowed to copy paste any of the part of this website. 
  • Assignmentwritinghelp.ae do not allow anyone for modifications and use of any material, pictures or figures to use in their own projects 
  • The complete ownership of services presented on the website are provided by assignmentwritinghelp.ae and we ensure its authenticity 

Limitations of Use

  • Customer must be of 14+ of age to use our services with the consent of their guardians or parents.
  • By confirming of your order with us you confirm that academic help taken by us is just for you study and growth which you will not be sharing with anyone
  • We appreciate that customers follows our all the rules & regulations in order to choose our services.